Violet The Finger Black+The Refliction Ring

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Violet The Finger (Black), Electrostatic Pressure gradient Microphone with medium size (13mm), single diaphragm, cardioid pattern capsule, Frequency range 20 hz to 20 kHz, Output impedance 50 ohms, Rated load impedance 1000 ohms, Suggested load impedance > 500 ohms, Sensitivity at 1000 Hz into 1000 ohms load 11 mV/Pa, S/N Ratio CCIR 468-3 weighted 71 dB, S/N Ratio DIN/IEC 651 A-weighted 82 db-A, Equivalent noise level DIN/IEC A-weighted 12 dB-A, Maximum SPL for 0.5% THD at 1000 Ohms load 140 dB, Dynamic range of the microphone preamplifier 128 dB, Phantom powering voltage on pins 2 & 3 of XLR +48 V (+/-4 V), Current consumption < 2 mA, Output connector 3-pin XLR male, gold plated contacts, Signal polarity positive toward pressure on a diaphragm produces positive polarity voltage on XLR pin #2 relatively to pin #3, incl. Microphoneclip, Dimensions 207 mm length x 24 mm shaft diameter, Weight 200 g
FRR is an optional unique reflection ring accessory which is used as a tool to slightly alter directional characteristics and frequency response by positioning at different points along the microphone body.
FRR Reflection Ring is a reflector disc which can be positioned at the head or anywhere along the body of the microphone to alter the polar pattern, frequency response and sensitivity. Positioning the FRR on the top produces a polar pattern closer to a half-sphere pattern with less coloration at different angles, less proximity effect and adds sensitivity to all except high frequencies. Positioning the FRR lower of the microphone reflector alters low-frequency response and adds proximity effect.The FRR can also be used to separate the front and rear sides of the capsule and to reduce reflections and reverberation from reaching the capsule. FRR adds warmth, reduces acoustic feedback and protects against

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